Dr. Carmen Hercules - Professional Development Consultant for Early Childhood Education

Professional Development Consultant

For Early Childhood Education

I am passionate about teaching Child Development to students, educators, and professionals in the field of Early Childhood.

My consulting is about the understanding of play-based, teacher directed, and child directed experiences. During my workshops and trainings participants have the opportunity of hands-on-activities to support the practice and understand the concepts accurately. I create an enthusiastic and affectionate environment for participants to interact with each other and create a networking of ideas. Workshops and trainings are also available in Spanish.

Consultation / Workshops

Early childhood education workshop by Dr. Hercules at a childcare center.


Consulting is individualized to meet the needs of each organization. Meeting with administrators is my first step to design and create the most appropriate and effective training. Consulting can be done with a large group, a small group, or one-to-one. We as adults have a different way of learning according to our past experiences and previous knowledge. The purpose of my consulting is to meet the need of each person. Consulting is also available in Spanish.



Workshops are available during evenings and weekends. Workshops can be arranged for a full day, part day or hours. I provide interactive workshops to align theory and practice, I provide a safe and cozy environment in which participants feel comfortable and could ask questions. Workshops are also available in Spanish.


Pockets Full of Surprises! Un Bolsillo Lleno de Sorpresas! by Dr. Carmen Hercules

Books for Early Education

The love for language and literacy starts at a very young age. We as adults can take the lead and responsibility to introduce developmentally appropriate books to children. The best way to introduce books is in a fun and interactive way, children learn concepts of books as they interact asking questions and making predictions about what is happening next; here is when learning takes place!

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