Pocketful of Surprises

Pockets Full of Surprises is a fun, bilingual, and interactive experience for parents, educators and most importantly children. Children love it!!

I have provided a basic outline to create the most interactive and exciting experience for the readers and audience. Pockets Full of Surprises teaches about gardening and nutrition, while also educating children about sequence, repetition, new vocabulary and positional words.

I hope my book serves as an educational purpose, but most of all enjoy the experience and have fun reading!

The order includes: “Pockets Full of Surprises!” Hardcopy book, an Apron and Vegetable Props.

Sneak peek

on the book

The order includes: Book, One Apron and Vegetable Props

Apron included with "Pocketful of Surprises" book order
Vegetable props included with "Pocketful of Surprises" book order

Why you’ll

love it!


Pocket Full of Surprises

This educational book is amazing!  Children love it!


This Book Teaches:

Educators and parents have tips to follow to make the most interactive and exciting experience while learning about sequence, repetition, new vocabulary, positional words.


This Book introduces:

Pocket Full of Surprises also introduces ideas for gardening and nutrition in a fun way!!!

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Dr. Seuss

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